Blockchain startup Littlstar Media announced the launch of Ara — package of protocols for managing digital content. The main objective of Ara is the return of control over the distribution of content to its creators. This is with reference to the CEO Tony Littlstar Mugavero (Tony Mugavero) reports Venture Beat.

The idea Littlstar, ARA is primarily intended for developers of platforms for distribution of video, music and games. Using the protocols ARA the owners of rights to digital content form a network, which also involves the end users. With the decentralization of the products of the sponsors are protected from unauthorized access, and process sales on a global scale is much faster than in modern e-Commerce systems.

Littlstar funded by Sony and Disney, is trying to contribute to the development of alternative business models for the creative industry and make authors more independent from large companies. CEO Tony Mugavero said:

“Artists, authors difficult to achieve of their remuneration in full. Their income and reputation may suffer at the whim of the publishing sites. Now the audience “pulls” the situation, but all control remains in the hands of third-party platforms. ARA puts the control in the hands of the artists and their fans, providing a more direct connection and more convenient for fans way to reward their idols”.

Littlstar also believes that their Protocol will bring benefits to consumers, since third parties are unavailable their personal data. In addition, Ara provides for a system of payments for allocation of computer capacity for data processing processes within the network.

Similar initiatives in the field of management of copyright already exist. In October, one of the investors Littlstar Media, Sony, announced the integration of the blockchain with its DRM system.