The announcement of the September listing Ethereum Classic platforms Coinbase many caused at least surprise. According to Coinmarketcap, ETS is in the 18th line of the rating of cryptocurrencies; however, the capitalization of the asset does not exceed $1.4 billion — despite the fact that the news of the listing has led to an increase in the cost of the token by ~24%.

In part, this attention attracts a paradoxically high daily turnover (in the relevant rating ETC already occupies the sixth position) with a small amount of the market. But this attention is not always positive: in spite of the incentive on the part of traders, part of the community is still confused by the decision Coinbase. Some were fairly straightforward in their reactions:

“$ETC? Seriously?”

One of the authors Whale Reports Josh McGruff (McGruff Josh) suggested that Coinbase is trying to increase the intensity of trading, in and of itself Ethereum Classic.

“@coinbase: “Oh damn, need to do something, nobody wants to buy in this market”.

“Well, we have all these $ETC from the fork, which we never distributed.”

“P***y, perform the listing””.

But what about XRP?

In the heat of the online debate, users remembered that Coinbase is still not included in the list of tradable assets XRP, giving preference ETC, that is “less valuable” token with a much lower capitalization. For comparison: at 26 times the difference of quotes, capitalization XRP five times higher than that ETC.

However, failure Coinbase — as well as Gemini, in listing XRP is clear: the uncertain status of communications between the company and the asset and also the history of trying to bribe the leadership of the exchanges to enable XRP in the traded pair is hardly a solid base for market promotion. Of course, it did not go unnoticed by users:

“Is the Dead sea, the saltiest place on earth after the lake of tears XRP community shed after Coinbase decided to add ETC”.

There were also those who decided to Express support for the Ripple in the quest of a startup to ensure the presence of XRP on major exchanges:

“Coinbase is planning to hold a listing of one asset.

Ripple connects to your network one Bank a week.

Well, who needs whom?”.

Undertones of optimism

For the most part, discussions relating to the long-term consequences of listing for XRP, but some users have decided to approach the topic with humor:

“Rumor has it that one of the conditions of nuclear disarmament, delivered Kim Jong-UN, was the addition of $on Coinbase ETC”.

“Article 3, clause 54

ETC on Coinbase.

The leak of the agreement between Kim and the tramp”.

And yet, a small part of the community kept a very positive attitude to the announcement:

“It doesn’t matter whether you like $ETC or not, adding new assets on Coinbase is encouraging for cryptocurrency. Coinbase is one of the biggest ramps between Fiat and cryptocurrency in the entire field of crypto… Tie with Waterston”.

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