A leading manufacturer and developer of hardware cryptocell Ledger sold for 2017, more than one million units, generated a profit of $29 million

The company’s President, Pascal Gauthier (Pascal Gauthier) suggested that growth of popularity of this type of purse is primarily associated with the lack of security of platforms used to sign the transaction on the public blockchain. He said

“By itself, the blockchain secure, but its weak point is the signing of the transaction. If a user loses his private key, no one will help him regain access to his funds.”

In January of 2018 Ledger received from investors $75 million in series B financing round, which was moderated by venture capital firms Draper Tim Draper Espirit. This is a significant rate of growth, given the fact that in series A, the company closed a round of financing with $7 million.

And to stay on this Ledger is not going in 2018 planned another round, and interest in investing in the venture company are showing divisions of such giants as Samsung, Siemens and Google.

The proceeds Ledger directed at improving its infrastructure and creating products for retail traders and investors.

According to Gauthier, in the future, the company intends to focus on providing products for large institutional investors, whose appearance in Cryptoprotected should contribute to the debut Coinbase Custody.

It is worth noting that most of the major players in owning bitcoin, use the services of storage which offer Xapo and Coinbase, which require investors ‘ confidence in the operators.

However, Ledger believes that there is a need to create an ecosystem that will allow even large investors to ensure the safety of their savings in the cryptocurrency, without having to give them for safekeeping to third-party services.

Gauthier hinted that this task can be nice to handle their Ledger Nano’s for business, which was near the company’s office in France, “already lined up”.

Security storage assets continues to be highly relevant topic in Cryptoprotected. So with the beginning of the year had to be done, four major hacking attack on the crypto currency exchange like Coincheck, Bithumb and Coinrail. And Coincheck has lost $500 million in the NEM tokens stored on a hot wallet.

But hardware wallet Ledger cannot be called 100% safe. So last fall, 15-year-old found in the wallet of vulnerability, and at the end of March said that it has not been eliminated.

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