Cryptococci are not interchangeable, and other digital knick-knacks, thanks to the new standards, including ERC-721, continue to attract huge amount of investment. Now to spend money on them (or conversely, money) has become much easier thanks to the site OpenSea is a kind of Avito for cryptococal.

After leaving last winter’s Y Combinator, under the leadership 1confirmation OpenSea were able to collect in the first round of equity of $2 million. In the list of accepted uchastie venture capital firms include Founders Fund, Foundation Capital, Capital Blockchain, Coinbase Ventures, Chernin Group, Stable Fund and the Blockstack.

In comments to CoinDesk co-founder of the OpenSea Fincher Devin (Devin Finzer) said:

“Since the advent of “CryptoKitties” was the most amazing, massive and fun app on the blockchain”.

Indeed, this DApp for buying, selling and breeding of cats digital on the basis of Ethereum quickly won the love of the community: despite the fact that the release CryptoKitties was held in November, in December the app was at the peak of success that almost led to a complete network outage due to a huge number of transactions.

Many then believed that the app contributed to the release of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the mainstream. Others have focused on the fact that the game demonstrated the potential to go from cat nonsense in the more serious areas such as real estate. Union Square and Andreessen Horowitz have even arranged a fundraiser with a limit of $12 million for output CryptoKitties out of control of the parent company in order to enable developers to devote their time and energy to the further application of non-fungible assets.

So far, the initiative has not yielded results, but the success CryptoKitties has spawned a wave of clones applications such as CryptoPets, CryptoCelebrities and Crypto All-Stars. And OpenSea believes that users need a more convenient platform for the exchange of such digital units.

The company already has some competition. A decentralized market of physical goods OpenBazaar plans to allocate resources for the exchange of virtual “things” like CryptoKitties, and the newly established company OPSkins Wax deal directly with the development of services for conducting this kind of exchange.

From a financial point of view, the idea seems to be good; this is confirmed by the words of Finzer:

“At the moment the volume of our market is half a million dollars”.

…She can Steam for cryptococcal

Fincher argues that the key to success OpenSea is the relationship of the platform with game developers.

OpenSea tried to provide “market place” games that do not provide for in-app purchases (many developers are more focused on the main product and not always worry about the implementation of the “store”). Further, all often occurs in the following scenario: after hearing about OpenSea, they announce the official digital Playground store their games.

“We seem to have established a synergetic relationship with game developers,” said Finzer, adding that OpenSea offers a flexible system of profit distribution, which calculates shares based on the market responsibilities of each party.

It should be noted that OpenSea is not limited only to games, though this is the main direction of the platform. One such non-core customers has become an art project, and Fincher argues that, in theory, OpenSea can work as a market of software licenses.

And it’s not all that can offer this kind of platform and projects a La cryptococci as such.

The most insane crossover

It is noteworthy that Fincher encourages the sharing of characters and items that are not part of the same game.

It really would change the gaming industry, piously reveres the integrity of the setting. However, here the palm has already gone to another project, KittyRace where users arrange races with their digital Pets.

However, interest in digital products tend to be not only cryptologist. Users around the world sell different kinds of skins, weapons, potions, or even special positions on external sites, on various multiplayer games. And at the same time, they earn real money.

Finzer, however, does not see anything attractive such practices and prefers to protect them from your project. Partly because this kind of business will not receive broad endorsement, but also because of the lack of benefits in the translation of more traditional studios and publishers of games on the blockchain.

“From a technological point of view, the adaptation of the existing game to the blockchain has extremely negative consequences,” he said.

However, Vincera it’s not frustrating. He still sees great potential in cryptogram:

“We believe that the most interesting cases of the use of the blockchain for gaming for new games, not already existing”.