One of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, Kraken, announced on Twitter that considers “the likely addition of more than 1600 tokens”, that is, all assets listed on

“Joyful and important news to the community. Kraken trying on consideration of the probable add more than 1600 tokens, which are now awaiting the results of our thorough audit. Take a look at our candidates:”

Most users are inclined to think that the post is a joke to address potential listings competing with the Kraken, Coinbase exchange, which became known last Friday. Recall, Coinbase announced the intention to add to the proposals 5 tokens, but said that because of the requirements of the authorities of the listings may not take place.

“You did the last exchange, which would be worth trolling Coinbase lol.”

“Yeah, they just make fun of undue pump and dump in the post Coinbase that’s not like them”.

“These comments lol. Those of you who don’t understand that trolling, you need to leave the Internet. Great move, Kraken”.

Latest listing Kraken held 1 July 2017, adding the pair with the EOS. According to the portal NullTX, the exchange has all the technical capabilities to support new assets after a system update in January, trading on Kraken was leaking “a whole lot more smoothly”.

Since then, the exchange rarely appeared in the media until the beginning of July. Then the Kraken came into conflict with Bloomberg for articles in which the journalists accused the exchange in market manipulations.

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