Messenger Kik launched its “cryptonomicon”: app users may now earn and spend tokens Kin for the payment of the premium features messenger.

Kik is positioning itself as a safe and confidential messenger: when you create your account it can not even provide a phone number. In 2017, Kik introduced its own cryptocurrency tokens Kin. Last Wednesday, a limited number of users in test mode got the opportunity to earn Kin, performing various actions, like, participating in quizzes and polls. Earned tokens can be spent on buying premium themes profile.

The application has already used a similar system previously, starting in 2014, e-domestic currency Kik Points. Users earned points by watching the messages, and then spending them to pay for goods and services. The experiment showed good results: on average, was carried out up to 300,000 transactions per day, and for all the time users have made 74 million purchases. Kik Points turned off in early 2017, just before the launch of Kin.

Product Manager Kik Laura Newton (Laura Newton) said that the company wanted to embed a digital currency Kin to the most used functions of the application. It was therefore decided to start testing with the possibility to modify the user settings for tokens.

“There isn’t yet a real consumer use of cryptocurrency because the technology is not adapted for everyday life. We built Kin in those products that people already use and made applying them easy and simple. Tokens remain element of the company’s product strategy, and we will expand their functionality, including, involving our partners,” added Newton.

Recall that tokens Kin created on their own blockchain Kik, resulting from the Stellar fork. The company had previously planned to launch the tokens on double circuit network of Ethereum and Stellar, but the transaction fees were too high. In turn, mainnet Kik allows you to conduct transactions with zero Commission.

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