The Hyperledger project announced the completion of the consortium. The project, among others, joined Kakaopay, BlackRidge Technology and MOBI; the total number of participants increased to 235.

In particular, Hyperledger also included Blockdaemon, Chengdu Chiwu Software Technologies, China Systems Holdings Limited, Evernym, Experian, and iownit capital markets, Inc., Lucidity, PokitDok and Thinktecture AG. New corresponding members have become Budapest University of technology and Economics, MIT Connection Science and the national Institute of telecommunications (Poland). In just the last five months, the consortium was joined by 67 organizations and institutions.

“From healthcare to banks and management of electronic personal data, our members work on applied use and code for distributed registries, characterized by scalability, great communication capabilities and mutual compatibility,” said Brian Behlendorf (Brian Behlendorf), Executive Director of Hyperledger.

In addition to growth, the Association often attracts the attention of the media due to the activities of its members. So, in April, Behlendorf announced the availability of several consortium members to issue their own tokens based on the code of Hyperledger. This includes Sovrin medical Foundation and API platform PokitDok.