The company is the largest owner of messenger app Kakao of South Korea plans to hold a private placement of its shares to provide financial support for the project to create a blockchain-based platform. It will design a subsidiary company Kakao Corp., Ground X Corp. On placement in an interview with Bloomberg told the CEO Ground X Jason Han (Han, Jason).

He added that Ground X gives priority to investors and partners working in consumer services. It is primarily, companies with their own mobile or online services that could be placed on the blockchain. However, the strategy could still change, said Khan.

Ground X Telnet plans to launch in September, and by the end of the year, translate the network into full operational mode. The main objective of the project is to make technology more accessible to those who do not have expertise in this area. For this Ground X will provide a platform for custom applications in different areas — for example, content creation and gaming. According to Khan, the industry is now far removed from the average consumer, and the project Ground X wants to fix it:

“Now the problem of the block chain that there is no service that is designed for the average person. Our services will be more practical.”

Khan presents the project as a platform, similar Steemit uniting blogs and building a network of contacts and providing for the payment of remuneration to the user for filling with quality content. According to Khan, this kind of site is excellent “lay down” on the blockchain.

He also claims that the platform Ground X will be much more user friendly than similar services, posted on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, despite the active participation of Kakao Corp. in development, the company plans to place on its blockchain Kakao products immediately after launch.

The first news that Kakao is working on its own bloccano, appeared at the end of March.

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