The founder of the company-developer of antivirus software McAfee John McAfee has announced the launch of a new Fiat currency, backed by cryptocurrency. He said this in his Twitter in response to the sent him a trading platform SmartPayMINT the image of the banknote with the portrait of John.

“The odd thing is that tomorrow night I’m going to announce the new currency “McAfee Coin”, based on a revolutionary concept: it will be Fitna currency (collection) – backed cryptocurrency — exactly the opposite of what banks are trying to do. And I’m not kidding”.

The issue of currency, apparently, is part of the movement for privacy, whose father John McAfee called himself. The movement arose in response to the war of banks with cryptocurrency. His goal is to eliminate the government’s control of the money, transferring it to society, so that people themselves could decide how to share values with each other.

The new currency, which is also called McAfee Redemption Unit will be available commercially in the form of banknotes with a holographic signs on both sides. Currency will be tied to bloccano, subject to exchange, conversion may become a collector’s item. On four of the seven banknotes will be placed a portrait of John: the one surrounded by five women. Another bill will place Roger Faith, the Creator of bitcoin cash, also known as “Bitcoin Jesus”. McAfee plans to issue currency in 26 days.

Yet to assume how much it will cost McAfee Redemption Unit, it is difficult, because the creators are trying to make a game with “normal” Fiat currency. If potential owners McAfee Coin will come for redemption to the office in Mexico city from 13:00 to 15:00, they will have the opportunity to meet with McAfee. The duration of this meeting will depend on the amount of exchange.

To talk to McAfee about his activity in the world of cryptocurrency and outrageous statements. For example, in early 2018, he confirmed his long-standing prediction about the growth rate of bitcoin, promising to “eat his dick”, if your prediction will not come true. To avoid this, bitcoin by the end of 2020 should cost $1 million There is even a special web site that monitors cryptocurrency rate and makes daily updates. While the rate is 29% behind the need McAfee graphics.