Japanese Internet giant SBI Holdings officially launched the public version of their cryptocurrency exchanges VCTRADE.

“Account opening is now available for individuals aged 20 to 70 years living in Japan. Applications for opening of accounts from corporate customers are currently not accepted,” reads the announcement on the official website.

Recall that the opening VCTRADE took place at the beginning of last month, and it has been delayed due to the need for compliance with stringent regulatory requirements cryptomerias in Japan.

In a test version of the site was supported trade token Ripple XRP, and in the middle of last month held a listing Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash.

It should be noted that conformance to security requirements for kryptomere Japan, SBI will give some advantage over other participants in this market, and the number continues to grow.

So previously we wrote about the plans of the South Korean stock exchange Bithumb to start work in the local market in February 2019. In addition to begin expansion in Japan will also Coinbase and Yahoo! which plans to launch the country’s own crypto currency exchange.

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