Messenger Line plans to open its own cryptocurrency exchange BitBox. The representatives of the company said June 28, Thursday, at a conference in Japan. BitBox will start working from July.

Messenger is managed by a Japanese company, Line Corporation which is a subsidiary of South Korean Naver Corporation. The business Line model is built on revenue from the sale of stickers and game items in Line Games, with messaging and calls app free. Messenger is very popular — in an average month it is about 217 million users.

Despite the fact that the very Line Corporation is situated in Japan, its new exchange will serve users from Japan and the USA. The reason for this decision likely to have strict mechanisms of regulation of the cryptocurrency sector in these countries.

It is reported that the platform will feature more than 30 of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Transactions with Fiat currencies be maintained until.

Recall that in January, the Line has announced the launch of a new division whose task was the creation of the services for payment and exchange of cryptocurrencies, as well as insurance and loans. Unit called Line Financial Corporation. Cryptocurrency services are planned to be integrated into your existing application Line Pay. However, the decision to exclude Japanese users from the target audience of crypto currency exchange indicates that the Line Financial Corporation and has not received a license from the Japanese financial services Agency (FSA), although the application was filed in January.

It is worth noting that in recent instant messengers and social networks more actively enter the cryptocurrency market. So, on June 27 Kik app started to test its own digital currency Kin. In addition, the media reported that Facebook plans to buy a major platform for digital asset Coinbase. Rumors nothing confirmed yet, but there are suggestions that this purchase required Facebook to implement their plans to launch their own cryptocurrency.

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