The Irish authorities plan to make Dublin the technology capital of Europe with the help of the blockchain and other new technologies. This was announced by the Prime Minister of Ireland, Leo Varadkar (Leo Varadkar) at the conference MoneyConf in Dublin.

“I think there is no more appropriate place to discuss such topics as cyber security, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, management and future financial and technological sectors than Ireland,” said Varadkar. “Our country is to some extent symbolizes the revolutionary changes that are happening in the world of Finance and technology.”

It is really so. In Ireland, engaged in research and development of many large financial, technical and banking institutions. This, for example, a technology company Stripe, payment giant Mastercard, the financial holding company JPMorgan and the oldest Chinese Bank Bank of China. As part of the expansion of global coverage of the Irish government plans to open 26 new embassies and consulates, including those in Tokyo and Frankfurt.

Department of industrial development Ireland (IDA) will allocate part of the budget to support innovative projects and attract software developers in them. Also, on Monday, the IDA announced the launch of Blockchain Ireland, a project that will explore the blockchain and develop solutions based on it. The initiative also aims to attract foreign investment.

Ireland already provides access to the European market of 500 million people and another 250 million employees with financial and technical industries. This, coupled with the desire of the state to support innovative projects, makes Ireland a financial and technical center. Recently it became known that the Irish government will allocate $885 000 to Finance start-UPS engaged in research of the blockchain and a unique, hard reproducible technologies. The Prime Minister said that the authorities already see the results of their efforts.

In addition, he said that the Central Bank of Ireland will support the innovation center and program participation in the industry. According to Varadkar, this will allow Ireland to keep up with a developing financial-technical industry and ensure its legislative regulation.

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