Cryptocurrency hardware wallet Ledger adds support for token-IOTA, produced by the German Foundation Foundation IOTA.

IOTA Foundation is a non — profit organization that supports the development and standardization of the ecosystem, which includes DLT-platform IOTA. The main purpose of the development of the ecosystem is accelerating the widespread adoption of this technology and cryptocurrency, including.

At IOTA have their own e-wallets — Trinity and Romeo. It integrates with their hardware wallet Ledger Nano S. the Merger will improve the protection of private keys of users, holders of tokens IOTA, as they will now be stored on a dedicated chip, in isolation from other devices.

Users will also be able to confirm transactions directly into Ledger, since the procedure became part of the security Protocol of the purse. The device uses a chip similar to those used in credit cards or passports.

IOTA Foundation recently actively expanding its network of partners. In August it became known about the Fund’s collaboration with the Japanese it conglomerate Fujitsu. The company launched a platform-IOTA audit trails for manufacturing enterprises. Fujitsu hopes to increase transparency and reliability and zasedenosti data in the auditing process.

In October, the Foundation became a partner of blockchain startup Spacebit is planning to use the Protocol IOTA Tangle for the development of communications satellites. With Protocol company creates IoT network several devices. Also yesterday came the news about the beginning of cooperation IOTA Foundation with the supplier of the software interface for the smart car HIGH MOBILITY.