The IOTA Foundation has announced the beginning of cooperation with API provider for the smart car HIGH MOBILITY. Under the terms of the Memorandum of understanding signed yesterday, the platform integrates programs, training materials and data portion of IOTA.

The first joint project of IOTA and HIGH MOBILITY will become a software application framework for rapid charging of electric cars. As explained in a press release published in the blog IOTA Foundation on Medium, the project aims to “implement the values of open technology IOTA in the real world, and stimulation of [development] ecosystem of both companies”.

The head of the transport and automobile direction IOTA Alice Meuse (Maas Alisa) commented on the cooperation with HIGH MOBILITY:

“The industry began to understand how big the potential of this technology, distributed registries, and it was important to create joint projects that will result in sustainable innovation and growth in various ecosystems […] I’m sure that the relationship between companies and developers, as well as the introduction of a convenient and scalable tools will eliminate the main obstacle to mass diffusion of technology”.

Technical Director HIGH MOBILITY Kevin Waldeck (Kevin Valdek) also praised the prospects for collaboration with IOTA, adding that it will certainly cause “the flow of ideas in our community.”

Preliminary presentation of the initiative will take place in Berlin on 6 November.

In spite of the fact that the infrastructure of land transport remains one of the main activities of IOTA, a number of projects use developments in larger scale. So, a blockchain startup Spacebit plans to use the IOTA protocols for setup communications between Earth and deep space.