The IOTA Foundation has announced the beginning of work of the Council of developers. New authority will oversee the work of a growing number of researchers and programmers, collaborating with IOTA. Post about it was published last Friday in the blog of the IOTA Foundation in Medium one of the first members of the Council, mathematician Sergey Popov.

The Board of developers will be composed of “distinguished academics, who are leaders in their fields of science” and, in addition to supervision of research and development, to provide grants to strategic partners and oversee partnership projects with participation of higher educational institutions and research centers. Popov says:

“The Council will not only actively participate in the preparation of research strategy and initiatives, and will play the role of guarantor of the quality of our work, while meeting high academic standards.”

In addition to Popov in the number of authorized Board members included the Professor of the Business school at Columbia University Gur Huberman (Huberman Gur) and a PhD in computer science Muddasser Alam (Muddasser Alam).

The base Board is part of the plan of IOTA to establish “the skeleton of a fully automated society of the future.” Other bodies within the IOTA Foundation is also included in this structure:

“Today, we have a Board of Directors responsible for the vision and strategy of the company, and the Commission for the supervision of their work. We were also able to gather an impressive team of researchers, one of the largest in the industry, consisting of leading professors, researchers, doctors and scientists. Today we are announcing the formation of the Council of developers to oversee their activities.”

It is unknown whether a Board meeting for any specific project IOTA Foundation. One of the initiatives potentially requiring rigorous calculations and analysis, uses IOTA is the perfect solution for HPC communication system between Earth and deep space; however, this project deals with third-party startup.