The company Innosilicon has introduced a new device for mining bitcoins T2Turbo-32T, which can output up to 36 THS of power in the energy consumption of 2200 watts. The novelty is built on the same 10-nm chips, as the model T2T-24T developing Hasrat 24 THS, but the company added more chips that operate at lower frequencies and give better efficiency in terms of Watts. Efficiency in normal operation is 68 Watts per THS, and in high performance mode, the device can output up to 36 THS. Currently available on a limited batch of equipment at a discounted price of $1568.

Despite the fact that Innosilicon is the largest manufacturer of equipment for mining, in recent years its chips dominate the market in terms of efficiency and productivity. Perhaps the fact that the company has developed and produced chips before entering the market ASIC miners. However, Innosilicon should pay attention to support and feedback with customers, as many customers complain of equipment problems and poor support from the manufacturer.