The company InnoSilicon announced a new “iron miner” for mining cryptocurrency zcash for (ZEC) and other coins based on the algorithm Equihash. The novelty has received the name ZMaster A9 and has an impressive capacity of 50 000 Sol/s when the power consumption 620 Watts. For comparison, the ASIC from Bitmain — Antminer Z9 mini — issue, only 10 thousand sols per second, and consumes 300 Watts.

What’s the catch? The first batch is already available for order, and yesterday began and the first delivery. However, the number of Asimov in the first batch is limited to 300 units, and they cost 9999 dollars apiece. It is worth noting that the price of the equipment from the included power supply, but still the price is very high.

Looks like Innosilicon are trying to produce equipment faster company Bitmain, and to make it more powerful than the competitor. The first limited batch is very high, the second batch should appear on 15 August, and prices will be much lower. However, Bitmain has already announced that the future of the party Antminer Z9 mini also will be sold at reduced rates.

Note that the near future the market for ASIC Equihash needs to get out other manufacturers, which should significantly affect the price. Especially if the demand is small.

Technical specifications InnoSilicon A9 ZMaster:

  • Hasrat: 50 Ksol/s with an accuracy of +/-8%
  • Energy consumption: 620 watts (at a temperature of 25 degrees and a power supply 93% efficiency)
  • Type of chip: A9 ZMaster ASIC
  • Dimensions: 360 mm (length) x 125 mm (width) x 155 mm (height)
  • Net weight: 5,92 kg
  • Operating temperature: 0°C—45°C
  • Network: Ethernet.

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