The Agency for supervision of futures transactions in Indonesia (Bappebti) under the Ministry of Commerce involved in the regulation of the commodity market, recognized cryptocurrency commodity that can be traded on public futures exchange.

As reported on Monday the Indonesian newspaper Jakarta Post, the decision was confirmed by the head of the Agency for market surveillance Dharma Yoga (Dharma Yoga). According to him, this issue was investigated four months before the decision was made.

The Agency has already signed a decree to formalize decisions that in the long term will allow to launch futures trading on bitcoin in Indonesia. Yoga also added that the country’s Central Bank and the tax Agency will soon publish other rules relating to cryptocurrency exchange and taxation.

Recall that the Bank of Indonesia at the end of last year stated that does not recognize the cryptocurrency as a legal tender, and later, together with the police of Bali, began to fight with the enterprises accepting payment in bitcoin. However, it should be noted that the ban covers only the use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment, but not exchange transactions.

Yoga said that for the preparation of a comprehensive legal and regulatory framework the Agency now solicits suggestions and ideas from national cryptocurrency exchanges.