In cryptosuite discuss a large transfer of funds to XRP — the evening of 28 August by two transactions the wallet has replaced 13% of the total number of tokens of a startup Ripple in circulation.

In recent days there have been several cases of moving large amounts of bitcoin from one wallet to another that can talk about the movement of funds of the founders and the so-called whales. Typically, these transfers occur in market analysis Ethereum and other tokens of the standard ERC, however, the movement of large amounts of XRP — the event is quite rare.

Information appeared in the post a Twitter bot @XRPLMonitor: the first transaction was for the sum of 2,1 billion XRP, it was followed by a second, even larger — 4.6 billion tokens. The XRP community responded immediately users began to speculate that it may mean the movement of funds, in which 2 transactions of 10 minutes changed the owner of 6.7 billion XRP tokens, equivalent to approximately $2.3 billion.

Was noted the decentralized nature of translation, its speed and low cost — transfer cost less than one cent. Ripple deservedly received points: transaction demonstrated how cheap it can be transfer of funds using the blockchain technology startup.

And still the main issue of concern to users, the purpose for which the appropriations were made, and the identity of the sender and recipient. Some expressed confidence that the translation could carry out a major stock exchange may — in support system xRapid, which recently announced three new trading platform: American Bittrex, Bitso Mexican and Filipino Others suggested that the way the startup Ripple decided to demonstrate the potential of the system and opportunities for savings.

The Twitter account of Erik van Dijk (Erik van Dijk) made the assumption that in the case of a larger transaction by the sender belongs to Mccalebb jed (Jed McCaleb), the former technical Director and co-founder of Ripple Stellar (XLM), who is also the Creator of the exchange Mt.Gox, later sold to Mark Karpeles (Mark Karpeles). In January Mccalebb attributed nearly $20 billion in XRP — then this was written for The New York Times. According to Forbes, it was about $17,5. However, we should not forget that in that period of XRP was worth $2,73 compared to today’s $0.34 and, in addition, it is known that in the framework of the agreement McCaleb gets paid his tokens by parts on a monthly basis.

Another theory born on the Ripple forum, is that the transfer of funds was necessary to ensure that potential institutional investors and other stakeholders to ensure that the actions of one major player that has in its portfolio such a large amount of XRP, will not have a negative impact on the market Ripple.

It is worth noting that earlier were conducted by large funds transfer in the air: ICO investor, the original received 314 000 ETH from the Genesis block as part of the initial placement of tokens (ICO), moved approximately 20,000 ETH (about $5.5 million) for Bitfinex, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. However, the transfer was only part of a larger transaction in the amount of 93 750 ETH, which first drew the attention of the lawyer from Los Angeles Zoe Dolan (Dolan, Zoe), stat tracking Etherscan in search of “signs of surrender.”