Japanese police are investigating the three suspects using Coinhive — javascript-miner that is designed for covert mining Monero.

As reported by Japanese newspaper Mainichi, the police have reason to believe that last year, the suspects opened several web sites which housed the Trojan Сoinhive using for mining processing power of users without their consent.

Among those under investigation persons — person who was previously fined 100,000 yen ($900) the Yokohama summary court proceedings for “illegal possession of a computer virus”.

According to the publication, the defendant argued that Coinhive is not a virus, its software and the script is responsible for the monetization of similar online platforms advertising.

The investigation involved several police departments of the prefectures of the Central part of Japan. Against suspects charged with creating web sites “is not a notification of the implementation of mining”. The criminal case will be transferred to the court Yokohama district court and will become the Japanese precedent of criminal prosecution of a secret mining.

It is worth noting that the problem of the hidden operation of computing power users for the mining of cryptocurrencies, especially Monero, it is highly relevant.

Only last month there were just two news about malware for covert mining Monero. In early may we told you about the expansion FacexWorm, aimed at users of Facebook Messenger, and two weeks later it became known about the new virus, which was struck by half a million PCs.

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