In France, the first blockchain-up accelerator, which will operate the advanced industry.

Project Accelerator Chain will bring together about 30 cryptocurrency and financial companies. Its goal is to support other startups in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, including international.

In the list of participants included the head of the Hong Kong crypto currency exchange Gatecoin Meant Aurelien (Aurelien Menant), head of the innovative business models of the financial conglomerate HSBC Diana Biggs (Diana Biggs) and former head of the interbank system SWIFT I have been a Leonard (Leonard Schrank). The accelerator will be in Paris in Station F, which is the largest campus for startups in various fields.

The opening of the accelerator in Paris is no coincidence — the last time the authorities show a positive attitude towards the cryptocurrency sphere. So, in March, in an interview, the Minister of economy and Finance Bruno Le Mayor (Bruno Le Maire) said that France “must not miss blockchain revolution.”

The founders of the Accelerator Chain are confident that the President and the government want to make Paris the capital of the ICO and their project can be a key player in this field.

“In France, as elsewhere in the world, the blockchain projects face many uncertainties and difficulties, both financial, legal and technological. However, this technology will dramatically change our daily lives,” said a member of the National Assembly Pierre Person (Pierre Person).

It seems that the French authorities are determined to make the country a leader in the industry. To do this, they plan how to improve the legislative framework, and create a structure that helps crypto-projects. But they are not the only one who demonstrated such aspirations. Recently, Prime Minister of Ireland, Leo Varadkar (Leo Varadkar) made a statement that the government plans to make Dublin the technology capital of Europe with the help of the blockchain. And on June 11 the Agency of Ireland in attracting foreign investment has announced that it will direct funds to the development of technology in the country. Their project will advance the blockchain, and to cooperate with international companies in the industry.

Interesting plans of South Korea to create a “cryptologia”, where will be concentrated all cryptocurrency and blockchain industry of the country. The prototype project was initiated by the Swiss “Cryptocoryne”.

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