Cryptocurrency startup Tether again issued new tokens. So for the past month the total amount of emissions stablein amounted to $415 million and gave him eighth place in the ranking of cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization.

Last Saturday it became known that the company held additional emission of 20 million coins. Given the amount of tokens on the release Tether which reported on 11 August, a month in turnover was cryptocurrency USDT in the amount of $415 million.

Now Tether market capitalization is $2.7 billion, which is a record for all time. In addition stablein has a large amount of trades and inferior to this value only bitcoin. In the last 24 hours, the daily turnover of the tokens has reached us $2.6 billion. It is reported that on the wallet Tether is stored Treasury an additional $251 million in USDT, approved for release, but not placed on the market.

Recall that stabilin USDT, or tether, the Issuer of which is the company Tether, 100% backed by US dollar. Stabilini most often used as “middlemen” on the cryptocurrency exchanges: such coins are easier to start on exchange account or withdraw from it, compared to the Fiat. Says Tether, each USDT supported real dollar, which is kept in the Bank account of the company. In confirmation of this in June Tether presented the report of well-known legal companies from USA, check company Bank accounts.

However, doubts about the veracity of this information the crypto community still remain: the company still had not provided a full audit, saying that big auditing companies do not want to work with cryptocurrency projects. However, the facts indicate the opposite: Tezos Foundation recently announced that one of the auditor companies “the Big four”, PwC agreed to check the balance sheet cryptocurrency startup.

Mainly Tether accused of manipulating the price of bitcoin using USDT, and the opacity of doing business is just more suspicion to the company. In early summer the journalists accused criteriu Kraken in a fraudulent course USDT, which has caused another a wide-ranging discussion around ambiguous stablein.