Japanese financial group SBI Holdings plans to release the app for mobile payments based on blockchain Ripple. The service will be available for devices based on iOS and Android. On Wednesday announced on his Twitter account SBI Ripple CEO Asia Takashi Okita (Takashi Okita).

The application will be released under the title Money Tap to the end of this autumn. By analogy with many conventional Bank applications, it will allow customers to transfer funds using a phone number or a QR code.

During the launch of mobile transfers will only be available to customers of three national Japanese banks: SBI Sumishin Net Bank, Suruga Bank, and Resona Bank. All three financial institutions included in the consortium of SBI Ripple Asia. It is expected that shortly after launch, the platform will connect the other member banks of the SBI, then there are 61 companies.

For the first time on the market Money Tap became known in March, when Ripple has published a press release on the application. Money Tap will continue the series of projects of the consortium aimed at expanding the use of blockchain technology for processing and settling domestic and cross-border Bank payments.

In April, a similar program was presented by the banking group Santander. One Pay FX, which also uses RippleNet is available in Spain, UK, Brazil and Poland.