Largest digital Agency, IBM iX and supplier of advertising AT Mediaocean work together to create blockchain-the consortium that will work to resolve the problems of the advertising industry.

Using the blockchain IBM and platform management of marketing campaigns Mediaocean, the consortium plans to create a blockchain-solution capable of providing transparency of the supply chain of digital advertising. This will allow customers to visually see what to spend their advertising budget, and hence will increase the credibility of the representatives of the advertising industry.

“In recent years, the advertising industry is suffering because of the unstable economy and lack of transparency, which have impeded progress. Especially guilty of the Commission of the intermediaries and the media, yielding the result. Together with IBM, we will be able to create the first blockchain advertising solution that will greatly enhance the transparency of costs,” said bill wise (Bill Wise), CEO of Mediaocean.

The representative of IBM iX Rangia Babs (Babs Rangaiah) noted that the blockchain is able to provide the “single reliable source of information on any purchase made by advertiser, eliminating the doubts and uncertainties that exist in this market today”.

The consortium has been joined by well-known manufacturer of food fast cooking Kelloggs, one of the leading companies for the production of hygiene products Kimberly-Clark and world leader on the market of food and household products Unilever. It is expected that the pilot solutions will be launched next month.

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