Research center Watson Research Center in manufacturer of computers, IBM applied for a patent on blockchain platform for the convenience of working with scientific articles.

Described in the application platform based on a distributed registry will help scientists to track in any scientific journals and the media publish their work. The document described the concept as “a system for continuous access to information about scientific research.”

“The system displays research projects in the blockchain, where the first block will contain scientific data, and the second block — log analysis of these data. Also, the blockchain can be added to the blocks with the subsequent analysis of the research results”, — explained in the patent application.

The first version of the document with this concept was sent to the patent and trademark office (USPTO), the United States in December 2017. As the authors of the development, in the world, there are almost no platforms that would optimize the access to scientific information, ensuring transparency of data storage and ease of analysis. Those few platforms that do exist, do not have the necessary controls and information management. IBM offers a system that combines these functions, as well as protect data from changes.

It should be noted that the number of patent applications IBM related bloccano, already close to one hundred. In November, the company presented a paper describing the blockchain system to protect users of applications with augmented reality from entering unsafe areas. And in September, IBM has filed a patent application to create a platform ensuring the privacy of data collected from drones.