IBM has announced the introduction of a compatible IBM Blockchain Platform with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other third-party cloud services. Programmers, who will test the trial version of the updated platform will receive bonus credits (the currency of the tools IBM software development) in the amount of $500.

In the announcement it says:

“To help customers in their work on the launch of solutions based on blockchain technologies, IBM has updated the Blockchain Platform, adapting it for a broader range […] of applications regardless of their hosting platform, IBM Cloud or other cloud environments like AWS or their own local data centers”.

According to the Vice-President of the blockchain IBM Jerry Cuomo (Jerry Cuomo), extension compatibility Blockchain Platform was made due to the fact that in the industry there are more practical solutions and concepts that use cloud technology, which gives them “the ability of omnipresence”.

An updated version of the IBM Blockchain Platform came just three days after IBM became the full owner of the software company Red Hat, which offered comprehensive services to cloud services on Linux.

In addition, IBM launches private Cloud product of Private, customer-focused with a mandatory requirement of compliance with General regulation on data protection the EU. In comparison with the standard IBM Blockchain Platform, more flexible Private Cloud functionality includes advanced custom settings networking and enhanced control over data transfer.

IBM and Amazon are not the only major corporations, leading projects merging the blockchain and cloud technologies. In July of this year became aware of the fact that the Toolkit developer blockchain solutions Digital Asset will become available in the Google Cloud.