Microcomputer manufactured IBM presented at the conference Think 2018 will work with blockchain-based applications.

According to Mashable, the device serves as a data source for applications. Originally it was designed to track shipments, and identify the facts of theft, fraud and non-compliance with established requirements using the blockchain. In addition, the microcomputer can perform simple tasks for AI, for example, sorting data.

In fact, this is a single-chip computer system that includes a processor, a memory Bank and communication module. Machine performance comparable to the Intel processors of the 1990s, the years x86. The size of the device is comparable with a large salt crystal, and its production costs $0,1.

Head of research at IBM’s Arvind Krishna (Arvind Krishna) said:

“The device can accommodate several hundred transistors on a chip, barely distinguishable to the human eye and is able to control the supply of the product at each stage. It allows the computer to track, analyze and transfer data, and perform other operations on the basis of these data. After five years of cryptographic anchor — keys, embossed, ink spots, or… microcomputers will be installed on all of the items and devices”.

It is unknown when the device will go on sale. At the moment there are only prototypes, which still continue to be tested.

Perhaps in the future it will be used in the framework of the TrustChain — the blockchain IBM to track the supply chain of diamonds and precious metals.