Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has announced the release of a new product, which is designed to facilitate the filing of the application for listing to issuers of tokens.

The service received the name Huobi Automated Listing Platform. The main purpose of the platform is to make the listing process more transparent.

In the announcement it is emphasized that Huobi Listing of the Automated Platform does not provide for “automatic addition of any token or crypto-currencies after the filing of the application.” Projects who want to start trading on Huobi asset Global or standalone exchange Huobi HADAX will have to register and submit a fixed package of documents. After a successful test, candidates receive a unique login and password to the account, allowing you to add, amend, edit, and check the loaded paper, and track the progress of the listing.

Projects whose applications were rejected will receive a reminder to re-apply before running HADAX 2.0 and the assistance with registration on the platform. Issuers who want to withdraw their assets on HADAX 2.0 will also need to follow a special set of rules apply and listing.

In addition, the announcement stated that this year in the framework of Huobi Automated Listing Platform will begin a kind of media center Huobi, which will provide users with access to topical articles, videos and live streams from conferences and other events.

It is unknown whether the platform is exclusive or open to exchanges-Huobi partners. Part of the functionality of Global Huobi is already available for affiliate sites, created on the basis of “designer” cryptocurrency exchanges Huobi Cloud.