The world’s largest in terms of trading cryptocurrency trading platform Huobi starts the service through which users can create a private exchange of digital assets.

A kind of “designer” exchanges got the name Huobi Cloud is an integrated solution for partner companies, allowing them to quickly create a secure and stable trading platform.

As reported in a press release, over the past five years, the company has carefully studied the principles of cryptocurrency exchanges and has developed and implemented many new features. Now Huobi wants to share their experience with all stakeholders to help grow the cryptocurrency industry. The company hopes to find new international partners through the service and, thereby, contribute to “fast and healthy” growth of blockchain space in the world.

Interest in expanding cooperation with other companies Huobi also showed two days earlier, telling about the idea of creating an Alliance within the cryptocurrency industry. The Association will be called Huobi Blockchain Plus Industry Alliance, and the stated goal will be the integration of block chain technology in other industries. To do this, the company is ready to Finance the opening of the blockchain laboratories in collaboration with partners, to promote the Blockchain Plus in various industries and to help startups in launching new trading platforms. On the idea of Huobi, the Alliance will bring together experts and researchers in the field of technology of the distributed registry.

Recall that in June, the company announced the launch of exchange-traded Fund (ETF) HB10 intended for private investors. Thus, the exchange plans to raise $93 million for the blockchain startups in China and South Korea. And later, in the same month, Huobi announced the opening of a competitive program Huobi Chain Superhero Championship, which will develop a public blockchain of the company. The prize Fund is about 30 million HT, token exchange, or $162 million.

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