Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi from Singapore launched a platform for derivatives trading in the digital currency.

Presentation platform called Derivative Market Huobi (Huobi DM) was held at the conference Cryptofrontiers in new York. The company is positioning its new service as a means of involving users in derivatives trading, the derivatives for free. The derivatives themselves have no value, and their value is determined by the price of the underlying asset is any digital currency. The platform will help traders manage risk when trading these contracts, using the method of hedging.

Trading derivatives users will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrency at a predetermined price in the most appropriate time in the future, giving investors the opportunity to take long or short positions.

Now Huobi DM is in beta testing and not yet available to residents of the United States, Singapore and other countries.

Recall that in October the company presented a new solution for stabilio, that is, coins that are provided with Fiat currency. This solution allows to “switch” between different stablename using internal token HUSD. While the tool works with the four most popular stablename.