High Tech Computer Corporation (HTC) is working on a range of mobile devices, by default, connected to the blockchain. The new model is called Exodus; it is also known that the smartphone will run on Android operating system.

It is expected that pre-installed software Exodus will include a universal cryptocurrency wallet. In addition, the manufacturer talked about the “embedded hardware-protected enclave”, which will provide the device with crypto-currencies and decentralized applications (DApps). According to unconfirmed reports, HTC is planning to create a private network for internal exchanges between smartphones, in which every device will work as host. The company is considering cryptocurrency as a means of payment when buying Exodus.

In comments Thenextweb head of the project, Phil Chen (Phil Chen) said:

“We are pleased that, thanks to Exodus, can support basic protocols such as Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Ethereum, Dfinity, and others. We would like to give users access to the entire blockchain ecosystem, and over the next months we will announce the beginning of cooperation with many interesting partners.”

Writes News.Bitcoin.com the new smartphone will allow HTC to rectify the position in the market and attract a new audience, people who give priority to privacy, as well as fans of advanced technologies. However, many manufacturers are already working in this direction, and perhaps soon a similar device will be presented by other companies.

In March, an expert company in the field of mobile device security Sikur announced the “first fully encrypted, resistant to any break-ins smartphone with the option of storing cryptocurrency”. For the entire period of tests “hackers” failed to access information stored in the device memory.

The very first mobile gadget that supports the blockchain belongs Sirin Labs. Designed by Sirin’s line of smartphones Finney will be provided with an independent network based on IOTA Tangle, and exclusive OS, created with the support of block chain applications, including cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges.

To HTC most recent “newcomer” in the world of blockchain smartphone was Huawei. Last week, the company announced that all new mobile devices of its production will be issued with a preloaded bitcoin wallet.