The network has a large number of different operating system distributions based on Linux that is designed for cryptocurrency mining. However, most of them have noticeable disadvantages, limitations or they are complicated to learn. Hive OS is a new Linux-based platform that offers solution to all-in-one. It supports both traditional AMD and NVidia and can be installed on ASI Bitmain.

If this distribution is quick and easy and the user gets access to manage your farm with the help of the web interface. Thus, there is no need to join each farm to configure or monitor. The platform is ideal for people with a large number of farms or “iron” miners, as it allows you to monitor all the equipment in one place, and configure it, including overclocking.

Composed of Hive OS come the most popular miners for different algorithms for AMD and Nvidia. Of course, the user can add and own software for cryptocurrency mining.

Hive OS free for users with three or less farms. If it is necessary to monitor a large number of equipment, you will have to pay $ 3 for each farm per month. But in any case, try the software is available for free.

Note that there are separate clients for farms on Linux, ASIC miners, and also a beta version for Windows. Client Hive OS for Asimov supports Antminer S9, S9i, L3+, L3++, D3, A3, T9+ and Z9-Mini and has to be manually installed via SSH on each device. But the Linux distro you can burn to a USB flash drive without having to install Hive OS on a hard drive or SSD. Customers for ASIC and Windows require pre-installed operating system.

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