Entrepreneur and investor Vladislav Martynov joined a World Wi-Fi as a co-founder.

“The sector of the sharing economy is growing rapidly, and I believe that the introduction of blockchain solutions in this area will accelerate the growth and expansion of the market economy sharing and mass implementation of blockchain technology. That is why I joined a World Wi-Fi,” said Martynov.

The project World Wi-Fi has been created by Russian entrepreneurs Ian Sepiashvili and Ilya Yashin. It is a decentralized network of free Wi-Fi, which is designed to connect to its global platform of at least 20 million Wi-Fi routers and achieve an annual turnover of $ 1 billion within three years.

The project team has already signed several preliminary agreements with major advertising agencies and has achieved a number of agreements on joint testing platform World Wi-Fi with several companies, including PolarisNet from Saudi Arabia and a Japanese investment company Atma Inc (also known as cryptomeria Agency CoinTokyo).

Tocancel World Wi-Fi will end today, may 18. Coyne project called WETOKEN (WT) is sold at a price of $0,13. At the moment, World Wi-Fi has already gathered more than 24.5 million dollars with a ceiling at 25 million, which, according to the organizers, enough for the realization of the full coverage of all regions of the European Union, Asia, America and Australia, as well as for further deployment of the network World Wi-Fi around the world.

Vladislav Martynov is known as a successful entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in the field of digital technologies in various industrial projects in international markets. Under his leadership, with scratch was created by Yota Devices, YotaPhone developed (the world’s first phone with two screens) and to organize the mass production and sale of smartphones in more than 20 countries around the world. In five years the company’s capitalization reached $154 million.

The last few years, Martynov actively works with young start-UPS, investing in a software solution based on breakthrough technologies such as the blockchain, and artificial intelligence. As head of the competence Center Ethereum, he is responsible for the development of an ecosystem around blockchain technology and advises entrepreneurs, large companies and government organizations on the application of the blockchain and its prospects for business.