Yesterday, 15 may, was held hardwork Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which was reactivated opcodes, and the block size is increased 4 times, from 8 MB to 32 MB. The upgrade was scheduled for 15:00 GMT, but it happened at 15:14.

Recall that in early April the team of the Bitcoin ABC published on its website information about how to update Bitcoin ABC 0.17.1. They advised the miners and operators of the nodes to update the software and reported that are in active negotiations with major exchanges and wallets about the upcoming upgrade. On the website it was also pointed out that this is the first of several planned upgrades of the currency.

Apart from increasing the block size, the update adds new functionality — opcodes. It is reported that the reactivation of a previously disabled opcodes necessary for developers and can benefit the economy BCH.

On the other hand the increase in block size will increase the cost of the nodes that, if you believe BitcoinWiki will lead to less decentralization of the network, as well as more low speed data distribution.

It is worth noting that one of the main supporters of the BCH Roger Ver (Roger Ver) is not explicitly mentioned on yesterday’s update, however, tweeted that he believes that BCH, in contrast to all other forks of bitcoin follows the vision of Satoshi.

According to Сoinmarketcap, after hard forks BCH price fell slightly, and at the time of publication is $1256. The following hardwork of Bitcoin Cash is planned for November of this year.