Account election platform Huobi HADAX announced the postponement of the vote on listing of new assets due to recent changes in the procedure.

In the corresponding post on the website Huobi says that vote was also postponed “due to the involvement of new nodes”, and the updated rules “is still thoroughly discussed.” New date for the vote is unknown.

Changes to the rules of the voting procedure came into force last week. They include the introduction of hierarchy in the structure of supernodes that contain the company-auditors of new assets.

Under the new rules, supernodes are divided into permanent and selected. If the asset gets at least one vote from a permanent node, it is excluded from the list of candidates. In fact, regular nodes have received a significant advantage in the decision-making process on the listings.

At the time of publication of the announcement of the new rules, it was known that constant nodes have Node Capital, Dfund and BlockVC. It will be joined by 11 companies and organizations; among the potential operators of the nodes ZhenFund, FBG, Unity Ventures, Draper Dragon, Bitmain South Korean cryptocurrency Fund Hashed.

Huobi did not specify whether the need from operators of permanent nodes a more active part in designing your own blockchain platform of the exchange. Recall that the project is an open decentralized network provides its future use for voting on the listings.

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