Digital Asset, a leading provider of solutions for distributed registry (DLT), announced a partnership with Google Cloud. In the framework of cooperation it is planned to integrate the Digital Asset to the cloud platform of Google.

It is expected that the access to the complete set of tools and services, Digital Asset greatly simplify the process of creating, testing, and deployment blockchain applications because developers don’t have to deal with configuring the underlying platform.

Executive Director of Digital Asset masters, Blythe (Blythe Masters), last held the position of chief financial officer J. P. Morgan investment Bank, said:

“We entered into this agreement in order to provide developers a full range of services that will help them make full use of the opportunities of the web innovation of the blockchain”.

The new service will be available to developers via the Google Cloud. Moreover, the platform will participate in a private beta program for developers of Digital Asset, in which programmers will be given access to create kit (SDK), and language modeling of Digital Asset (DAML).

According to a press release, DAML is a powerful, intuitive language for smart contracts designed specifically for use in applications built on the basis of the DLT.

Digital Asset trusts that this partnership will help the company in promoting their DAML-platform as a service (PaaS). In turn, the head of cloud platforms to financial services Google Leonard Lowe (Leonard Law) noted that the added tools are useful when creating products not only for the financial services industry but for other industries too.

Today representatives of the Digital Asset will perform at the events Next and Google Cloud Leadership Circle held in San Francisco, and at the end of this year, the Google Cloud will hold a conference for developers of DAML in new York and London.

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