Japanese Telecom giant GMO Internet Group for quite some time is the market share of ASIC-miners, but they recently released a software miner for mining crypto-currencies zcash for (ZEC) on Nvidia graphics cards.

The program is called Cryptknocker and, according to representatives of the GMO is the fastest among peers. The miner closed source designed for cryptocurrency mining algorithm Equihash version 200,9. Developers, the Commission is 2%, and versions of the program available for both Windows and Linux.

Note that despite all the statements about the performance Cryptknocker, the algorithm Equihash 200,9 is the preserve ASIC miners like Bitmain Antminer Z9 or Innosilicon A9 Master. To mine cryptocurrency on the algorithm using the Nvidia graphics card not too advantageous, since the hardware miners produce much more attractive hash rate. Perhaps in the future Cryptknocker will get support for new kinds of algorithm Equihash, and until the issue of such program by the company GMO looks more like a PR-move.