Foreign exchange the Corporation and the provider of online trading platforms, Integral Development Corp. (IDC) announced the development of its own cryptocurrency exchanges for institutional investors. Partner IDC was Mint Exchange; the site has issued issued Integral Development license trusted provider of POS terminals.

Commenting on the future joint work with IDC, the managing Director of the Mint Exchange Kikuchi Masato (Masato Kikuchi) said:

“We have decided to put Mint on the Exchange Integral FX platform because of its history of achievements in the field of innovative technologies and reliability. The daily trading volume Integral Fiat currency in excess of $40 billion, so we are confident that the platform has a desired capacity for the volume of our cryptocurrency trading.”

Through cooperation with the Exchange Integral Development the Mint will have access to a number of developed operational and regulatory practices, cloud tools workflow management and online exchange Open Currency Exchange (OCX). In General partnership companies promote linkages between traditional financing and the blockchain sector, as well as expands the ability of customers Mint Exchange, providing scriptability investors the opportunity to explore a niche of digital assets under trusted leadership.

Integral Development has opened OCX in 2015; at the end of 2017, the platform held a listing of the most popular cryptocurrencies. At the beginning of the 2018 offer cryptocurrency exchange increased by 14 positions, and the terminal OCX has been integrated with 16 third-party trading platforms.

The opposite approach has taken the investment-trading company working with cryptocurrencies. The new subsidiary company will be converted into Forex exchange, using digital currencies as underlying assets.