Media giant Forbes has partnered with the journalistic blockchain startup Civil about posting content on the platform.

Civil is a decentralized platform for media, declaring the goal of creating a new financial model for journalism. In turn, Forbes is one of the largest modern media, which places the content on the website and printed magazine. Now Forbes will distribute your content through the platform Civil. This was stated by the co-founder of the decentralized sites Matt Coolidge (Coolidge Matt).

Forbes will carry on the platform already existing materials, thus creating an archive. In this edition intends to develop new formats and methods of interaction with Civil. According to senior Vice-President for product and technology at Forbes Zalatimo Salah (Salah Zalatimo), the company is ready to experiment and use new ways to attract readers.

“Forbes Civil and believe in the mission of journalism. Together we can make our content is absolutely transparent to the audience. We will also increase our pool of authors and to find new sources of revenue over time,” added Zalatimo.

Collaboration of new partners will begin next year. For starters, Forbes will be placed on the blockchain the platform metadata journalistic texts, and if all goes well, publication will publish on the Civil texts as a whole. In fact, Forbes is going to be stored on the platform, evidence of the existence of their articles.

Tools for publishing on the blockchain the platform will be integrated in the CMS of the website of Forbes. The authors will be able to add, for example, the copyright information and links to the sources that were used in the text. Forbes also considers the possibility of using smart contracts that allow journalists to publish their content on the selected sites, including Forbes, Civil or blogging platform Medium.

We will remind that in August the Civil was joined by another major media project — news Agency Associated Press (AP). On the platform, the Agency plans to deliver news content to newsrooms, was on Civil.