One of the strongest football clubs of Europe and the world, Juventus is planning to release a token for the fans. Therefore, the management team hopes to make the fans more involved and give them the opportunity to influence its development.

A token is the Board of the club hopes to increase their fan base and also give fans outside of Italy and the European Union more interactive features. According to a press release published today, a token will be placed in the network and will be called “Juventus Official Fan Token”. After the release the spread of the asset will be part of the “club embed token” — presumably the standard ICO, which will be held in the first quarter of 2019.

In the future, the asset “Juventus” it will be possible to buy or sell on the platform for Socios native token network CHZ. Later the club will release a special mobile application; it is unknown whether its functionality other ways to use the fan-tokens in addition to a vote.

It is anticipated that this form of interaction with the fans will allow them “to be heard and will create an emotional connection between them and the club.” Speaking about the new element of the economy of FK, the second head of income of Juventus Giorgio Ricci (Giorgio Ricci) said:

“In our club we have always tried to be careful and proactive in terms of innovations and new technologies. Working with we are sure that we can give our fans around the world new experiences, and points of contact with your favourite club”.

Earlier Socios has already signed a similar agreement on the issue of the fan token with the football team “Paris Saint-Germain.” All Socios plans to place on the platform 50 such tokens, provided that there are appropriate arrangements with many other clubs:

“We strive to create the biggest international community of football fans and the accompanying market for them, clearly showing that the blockchain and cryptocurrency — mass technology, the trustworthy”.

Since the beginning of the summer, many football clubs were somehow involved in transactions related to the cryptocurrency. So, at the end of August for the first time a cryptocurrency has been repurchased ownership share of the team (in particular, FC “Rimini”). Also today on cooperation with Forex blockchain exchange TigerWit announced FC “Liverpool”.