Institute of technology FedEx in Memphis in conjunction with the pharmaceutical company Good Shepherd Pharmacy announced plans to develop a blockchain system to deliver cancer drugs to patients.

Institute of technology FedEx is a structural unit of the University of Memphis in Tennessee, USA. The Institute performs the role of cluster in innovation and in charge of patent activities. The unit was established in February last year with the support of the logistics company FedEx to make the University technology and research centre. The company on an ongoing basis sponsor various studies.

It is reported that the pharmaceutical company Good Shepherd Pharmacy is considering the blockchain as a technology able to establish the exchange of drugs between patients with cancer diagnoses. The system, called REMEDI (REclaiming MEDicine) will work on the following principle: one of the unused medicines will be supplied to others in need who are not able to buy them. Such properties of the blockchain, as the permanence and privacy, will allow you to securely share personal health information of patients.

As told the head of Good Shepherd Pharmacy Phil Baker (Phil Baker), only in the state of Tennessee annually, remains unused, a huge number of drugs with a total value of more than $10 million, He believes that the system on the blockchain can solve this problem by sending important and expensive medicines into the hands of people who couldn’t get them the other way.

Note that FedEx has long interested in the possibilities of technology of the distributed registry to change the approach to the supply chain. Since February, the company is in the Association of representatives of the transport and logistics industry involved in developments in the field of blockchain “Blockchain in transport” (BiTA). In may, CEO of FedEx Fred Smith (Fred Smith) called the technology frontier, after which the company will transform the global system of supply chain management.

Speaking about using the blockchain in medicine, not to mention American trading company Walmart, which has patented the system for obtaining medical records stored in the blockchain, with the wearable device. With its help medical professionals will be able to obtain necessary personal information from patients who are unable to provide access to it on their own.

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