FedEx, an American company, giving postal and courier services worldwide, has joined blockchain consortium Hyperledger. In addition to FedEx the Union entered 13 new members.

“We are gaining momentum worldwide in the market segments, from Finance and healthcare to public sector and logistics. This growth and diversity — signals the increasing recognition of the strategic value of the blockchain in entrepreneurship and the desire to develop platforms with open source code to promote new business models,” said Executive Director Hyperledger Brian Behlendorf (Brian Behlendorf).

It is worth noting that the consortium attracts both established businesses and young start-UPS. In may Hyperledger joined Kakaopay, BlackRidge Technology and MOBI, and today the Association consists of more than 270 companies.

“We are confident that the blockchain has a big impact on the operation of supply chains, transportation and logistics,” said Kevin Humphries (Kevin Humphries), senior Vice President of IT-divisions of FedEx. “We are delighted to partner with the community Hyperledger, as we continue to explore applications of the blockchain and help to set standards for its widespread adoption in our industry and others.”

Hyperledger in addition, FedEx is also in the consortium “the Blockchain in transport” (BiTA). In July, the unit logistics company — the FedEx Institute of technology, Tennessee — stated that developing a platform based on blockchain for supplies patients cancer drugs. The platform is called REMEDI, the drugs, unused, some people, will be passed on to others in need.