Facebook has weakened policy with respect to advertising associated with cryptocurrencies. Now the companies wishing to post these ads on social networks, will have a chance to do it.

The largest social network launched a special form of cryptocurrency services, which allows some companies to publish their ads on the platform. However, for initial placement of tokens (ICO) and binary options promotion in social networks is still not available. About this Facebook said in its official blog on Tuesday, and issued an Addendum to the rules on the site.

Request form the ad includes a lot of questions about the features of a company that wants to move on the platform. Among them are, for example, questions about the availability of licenses to conduct business and official registration on the exchange.

Facebook does not exclude the possibility that in the future their policy towards cryptocurrency services may undergo additional changes.

“Given the existing constraints, not every company that has a desire to advertise will be able to do it. But we will be reviewing the feedback to see how well our policy and to continue to explore technology. So over time we may revise our rules,” — said the Director of product management at Facebook, Learn Rob (Rob Leathern).

The cryptocurrency community have already expressed their approval of the actions of the company. So the founder of Ditto PR, working in the field of cryptocurrency, Trey ditto (Ditto, Trey) called the policy change Facebook “the first step in enabling blockchain, cryptocurrency companies and ICO credible to new potential customers and investors.” According to ditto, in the future, the social network can obtain large revenues from advertising, as most projects have a budget for it.

Recall that in January, Facebook released rules prohibiting advertising of financial products and services often associated with fraud. In including ICO, cryptocurrency and binary options. In General, the rules are part of the policy for the prevention of fraudulent activities on the site. It applies to other products of media giant, including Instagram. As I explained then, Learn, the rules are intentionally broad, because the company actively working on algorithms for efficient determination of unfair advertising.

Since June began operating ban on advertising of crypto-currencies and ICO from Google. Restrictions apply to all resources devoted to cryptocurrencies, and their aggregators and affiliate programs.

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