Facebook denies that its working blockchain, the group is considering the launch of cryptocurrency project based on the Stellar Protocol — that this information was published last week, renowned Business Insider.

Thus, according to reliable anonymous sources, the crypto unit of the company under the leadership of the former head of Facebook Messenger, David Marcus (David Markus) had his eye on the Stellar Protocol as a potential basis for their “mysterious” plans related to bloccano that, according to information circulating in the press, could include the launch of its cryptocurrency.

However, as reported by the financial publication Cheddar, the journalists who received the information “from the horse’s mouth” — from the press-Secretary of Facebook, the company will not create tokens based on the Stellar Protocol. In addition, according to him, private Facebook cryptocurrency division, formed in may, discuss with the developers of the Stellar potential fork the network for the establishment of an independent blockchain Facebook.

“We do not participate in any discussions with Stellar, and we do not consider the use of their technologies,” noted a press-the Secretary of the company.

The word Stellar appeared in the launch of cryptocurrency third-party organizations, moreover, from the sphere of social media: cryptocurrency Kin of the messenger Kik works based on Stellar fork.

Returning to Facebook, it is worth noting that on Friday appeared information about the resignation of Marcus from his post in the Board of Directors Coinbase cryptocurrency exchanges in connection with the “conflict of interest”.

“Reasons related to the new group in the field of blockchain, which I form in Facebook, I decided that for me it would be appropriate to withdraw from the Board of Coinbase. Familiarity with Brian (approx. Brian Armstrong (Brian Armstrong) – the CEO of Coinbase), who became a friend, all of the steering group and the Board of Directors is a great honor. I was thoroughly impressed by the talent and skill demonstrated by the team during my tenure and I wish the team success it deserves,” said David Marcus reporters Cheddar.

It is notable that Marcus, who had previously been President of PayPal, led the blockchain-a division of the company in may. According to journalists of some publications, including TechCrunch, this suggests that Facebook is preparing to disclose its plans regarding the work of the blockchain of the group, the activities of which for several months had only guess.

“We are still at a very early stage, and we are considering a number of different applications relevant to the blockchain. However, at the moment there’s nothing more we can report,” said TechCrunch.

Recall that in late June, The Economist wrote that Facebook is allegedly planning to buy the exchange Coinbase.