One of the largest American kryptomere Gemini is going to enter the European market. For this, the company has hired consultants on legal issues, Financial Times reports.

“Gemini continues to explore various jurisdictions around the world to remain leading platform for storing and sharing digital assets, which will ensure the growth of the whole sphere. Though we have no plans for the near future, we will always evaluate the possibility of the world economy to buy, sell and store digital assets in a regulated and safe way,” — said representatives of the exchange.

It is worth noting that Gemini has always sought to work in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities. In may, the exchange became the first platform to receive official permission of the Department of financial services of the state of new York (NYDFS) on the listing zcash for anonymous cryptocurrencies. The approval process took quite a long time due to ambiguous reputation zcash for: the regulators have considered the cryptocurrency not only as a tool for money laundering (AML) criminals.

“Since the Gemini trust the authorities in new York, it can be argued that this company is the most adjustable cryptocurrency exchange in the world. It strictly controls the Department of financial services of the state of new York, the exchange has fiduciary obligations and maintains a high level of compliance with banking standards, including compliance with procedures for combating money laundering, the principles of “know your customer” (KYC) and consumer protection measures established by the Bank secrecy Act, banking law of new York and by the NYDFS,” said then chief Executive officer zcash for Zuko Wilcox (Zooko Wilcox).

Gemini interest to cryptocurrency the UK market is not accidental: to date, trading digital currency pairs with the British pound supports only one platform Coinbase. And the option appeared on the stock exchange recently, on 7 September, after Coinbase received a license from the office of financial regulation and supervision in the UK. According to the Financial Times, Gemini also plans to submit an application for a license in the coming weeks.

Recall that the trading floor in London and plans to open one of a major Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges, Huobi.