Chinese cryptocurrency exchange BTCC announced the launch of the updated platform next month. It is reported that the new site will have a higher liquidity, fast confirmation input and output means to provide a small difference between the purchase and sale of foreign currency, and also more safe, reliable and convenient customer service.

In the first three months of the exchange, the Commission will be zero. The platform will support Bitcoin for Cash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, and is traded in pairs with USD and BTC. Other currencies will appear later.

According to the company, from a technical point of view, the exchange will use a tiered mnogokasatelnoy system with optimized high-speed exchange mechanism. The updated platform includes “cold” offline storage of cryptocurrency and SSL encryption to ensure better protection of customer data. BTCC call their system is advanced.

“We are very serious about security and are proud to have never been hacked,” writes in his statement.

Another novelty, which is waiting for user exchange — a reward points for various actions, for example, attracting new customers, passing the complete verification and Deposit. Points can then be used in the ecosystem BTCC, including their multi-currency wallet Mobi, to receive any bonuses.

Recall that the BTCC was founded in 2011 by entrepreneur Bobby Lee. She became China’s first cryptocurrency exchange. Three years after the opening BTCC became the second largest in the world. In 2017, the company faced difficulties due to the initiative of the Chinese government, which is trying to take control of cryptocurrency trading in the country. In September, China’s Central Bank announced ICO illegal, and mass media spread the information that the local exchanges are also forbidden to exchange cryptocurrency Chinese yuan. Since then, the BTCC announced the termination of the auction. However, they continued to control your pool for mining and wallet Mobi. And in January 2018, the company purchased an investment Fund from Hong Kong. BTC China believes that this step will help her grow in the international market.