American cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex working with 200 digital currencies announced the launch of trading operations Vietnam the United States dollar (USD).

It is reported that Bittrex have successfully passed a thorough review of policy compliance, AML/KYC, after which the company signed an agreement with new York-based Signature Bank.

Initially, the exchange will available operations with the dollar in pairs with BTC, two “stable currencies” Тether (USDT) and TrueUSD. Thus, traders will be able to switch between tokens that are pegged to the dollar. This is useful when sending USD to other exchanges or in the case of volatility stablecoin.

However, the first time to open Fiat deposits can only corporate customers of the several States of the United States (namely Washington, California, new York and Montana). Due to these limitations, the volume of trade in US dollars is likely to be low.

Bittrex said that although this service is available to retail investors, but eventually she hopes to open access to all its users.

“We’ve been going to the signing of this agreement. The idea is that banks will be able to trust not only Bittrex, but cryptocurrencies in General. It seems to me that this suggests the onset of a tipping point in the adoption of digital currencies,” — said Chiharu.