After the release of ASIC miners for cryptocurrency mining algorithm Equihash, mine them on the cards was not profitable. However, some coins have switched to a modified version of the algorithm, protected against “the invasion of Asimov”, for example Bitcoin and Gold BitcoinZ. So, if the official version has Equihash 200,9, BTG uses version 144,5 and BTCZ — 192,7. The parameters of these algorithms are set so that production requires much more VRAM and mine them for Ash not profitable.

EWBF team, one of the first released FOR for cryptocurrency mining on a standard Equihash, has published a new miner to mine coins on updated Equihash — 144,5 and 192,7. EWBF Equihash Cuda Miner v0.1 is designed for farms on the Nvidia hardware and allows you to mine cryptocurrency on the fork Equihash. In addition to supporting the versions 144,5 and 192,7 it supports the additional ability to specify options Equihash for mining coins for the new versions of the algorithm. Note that it’s closed source, available for Windows and Linux. The Commission the developer is 2%.

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