The police service of the European Union (Europol) convened a three-day closed conference with representatives of the cryptocurrency exchanges of the region to discuss anti-money laundering measures.

The main purpose of the event is to develop preventive tactics to ensure the legality of using cryptocurrency traded on the exchanges. As a possible variant is called the centralized system of labelling purses; however, it is unknown whether this option will be discussed at the conference. In addition, the service representatives want to use this opportunity for professional development in the field of cryptocurrency.

Writes the announcement of the conference may serve as a signal that Europol is unable to cope with cryptocurrency fraud on their own, therefore the police authority had decided to use a different approach — keeping an open dialogue.

Of particular interest to Europol are “tracking and identification of the owners of the” cryptocurrencies. In addition, the Agency wants to eliminate services for the provision of mixins and any services, hiding the source of the CFA.

Note that for the last year, cases of the use of cryptocurrencies for illegal purposes. With stricter oversight of digital currencies, some exchanges had to delist “anonymous” assets. So, in March Coincheck was removed from the auction XMR, ZEC and DASH.

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