The number of downloads of a browser-Ethereum-wallet MetaMask reached 1.3 million in the aggregate at all sites.

The decentralized application (dApp) MetaMask implemented in the form of extensions for browsers. Today it is available for four of them — Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Brave. The extension allows users to access Ethereum in the browser without additional manipulation.

In a statement, the team MetaMask told about some of the new features and capabilities of the purse that have already appeared or will appear soon.

One of the future updates — compatibility with hardware and Ledger wallets best wallet. In addition, users can set the Privacy Mode in which the address of their account will not be stored on web sites. Another addition would be the ability to easily track the appearance of new assets for the websites the user visits.

Updates should be expected within a few days. Now MetaMask has become easier and easier the process of signing data, and the application itself can now be used on mobile devices.

According to the statement, next year MetaMask plans to launch several projects; some of them are still in development. One of the projects the team MetaMask leads with Gnosis SAFE wallet from the creators of the platform for predictions Gnosis. Another project is called Mustekala and is dedicated to creating p2p client for browsers. This project will save the wallet from having to rely on centralized institutions. Also the company plans to make MetaMask compatible with any bloccano able to work with ether.

Recall that from 2 November browser wallet moved to a new postMessage API. App no longer loads the library web3 in automatic mode, which makes use of dApp safer.